Inne of the Abingtons- A+

I can't rave enough about this place!  They were amazing every single step of the way.  We were able to make payments whenever we wanted to, and if I ever had questions, they were always answered quickly.  Amy, the DOC, is fantastic.  She knew exactly what she was doing, and was calm no matter what was going on. 

As for the ceremony and reception, everything was perfect.  The pavilion was a great place to be married, and there was an easy transition to the cocktail hour.  The food here was absolutely the best- everyone was raving about it to us after dinner.  We had the flat iron steak, stuffed chicken and penne with marinara sauce.   We didn't hear one single complaint.  The wait staff were all very polite, and there were two women who checked with either DH or I before anything happened- the main course, cake cutting, dances, etc.  They were very helpful, and it was just a great experience all around.  John, the owner, provided us with a little goodie bag at the end of the night- it had water, cookies, some fruit, and a couple other little things to munch on back at the hotel.  Our top layer of the cake was boxed up for us and ready to go as well. 

Bella Couture- A++

I got my dress at Bella Couture, and I can't recommend them enough!  They're located in Newburgh, NY, in the Hudson Valley area.  Every woman who worked there was very nice, and very helpful.  I had the best experience dress shopping there (and not just because that's where I got my dress!)

Photographer- Altar Imaging

Gary and Pat Day run Altar Imaging out of their home, north of Scranton.  We met them after initially going with another, non-responsive photographer in Middletown, NY.  Gary is the photographer and his wife runs a lot of the other business details.  They are very friendly and very well informed about album, and up to date with their cameras and editing programs.  They are very flexible and had no problems changing a few things around for us so that we had a  package that fit our needs.

We did an engagement session, and had a lot of fun with Gary and Pat.  We went to several different locations around the area in Montrose, on a beautiful March day.  The quality is fantastic- I can't wait for the wedding pictures.  The coffee table album we received already is perfect, and I'm so excited for the mounted album!

Gary and Pat were also great the whole day of the wedding.  They were very thorough and made sure we got all the pictures we wanted, and then some!  We also did some family pictures, and he was very flexible about doing whatever we wanted. 

Frankie Carll Productions- A+

Frankie runs a company that includes many facets of weddings, including: DJs, bands, and photography.  We chose Frankie's company for our DJ service.  He was very straightforward and what really stuck with us was that he wanted to put on a classy wedding reception for us, not klassy.  His company is based out of Scranton.

The DJ for our wedding was Nick, and he did a great job!  He checked in with John and I before he did anything (eg- cake cutting, the longest married couple dance, in lieu of the bouquet toss, etc) and was very friendly.  He even got out on the dance floor and taught those of us not in the know how to do the Chacha dance! 

Creative Cakes- Clarks Summit, PA- A+

Great cake- good taste, they followed exactly what we told them in our consult, and everyone loved it at the reception.  It looked perfect. 

McCarthy Flowers- Scranton, PA- A+

The women who run this place are great- they provided us with exactly what we wanted, and managed to bring us an extra bout that was missed at the last minute.  The flowers were fantastic, and they worked really hard to make sure the peonies I wanted so much were there, even though they were in short supply.  I recommend them to anyone in the area.  Also, when we ended up being one bout short (my fault for not checking when they brought them in.  We were behind because of the hair salon), they fixed it right away.

Aria Bridesmaids- A+

I can't say enough good things about this place! We had an appointment at the store way back in May, since both BMs that could come got married last summer.  We went to the DC location- Karen is very nice and super helpful.  My other two BMs did the try-on program through the mail, with great success and no problems.  They said everything went smoothly, the only glitch being it took a few weeks for one's dresses to come in because it is a busy time of year for them.   

  The girls' dresses all came in a month earlier than expected, in the beginning of April.  They look fantastic!  Two of my BMs said theirs are a little tight, but also attributed this partly to newlywed weight gain.  The color is fantastic, and I know they're all going to look awesome. 

Envy Hair Salon- Dickson City, Pa- C

I really liked my hair dresser, Telli, but there was just too much drama at this place for me.  I would've gone elsewhere if I could've afforded more consultations.  She ended up being late to my initial consult because her babysitter cancelled, and her kids begged her to bring their teacup yorkie- so she did.  Two kids and a dog = total craziness.  I got a call the week before the wedding saying the makeup artist/ receptionist quit, took the books with all my BM's info, and wanting to know if I'd be able to come in for another consult before the wedding.  The day before the wedding, two of the four stylists cancelled, and we needed to come in earlier.  The day of, the other hair stylist was a newb, and had no idea what she was doing.  The owner ended up redoing two of my girls' hair, and it was just a crazy trainwreck.  She did a great job with my hair, although my curls fell out by after the ceremony.  Nice lady, but a bit too much drama for my taste.

Mariott Streamside at Vail, CO- A+

Our HM here was fantastic!  Our room was completely new, and everything was in great shape.  There was even a balcony for us to sit out on, but we didn't have a view of our neighbors' balconies, which was nice.  There was no AC, but it wasn't necessary- the days were about 70F, but the nights were generally in the low 50s, and a fan was pretty much all we needed.  The only downside was that we didn't have in-room washer and dryers, although I know they were available in some other units.  Our floor wasn't very full, and the general use washer/dryers were free, so it was easy to find a free time to use them.  I bet during the winter its more annoying, though.  All in all, a great place to stay, and it was very central- all the places we wanted to go were within an hour of here.